A Release Test Plan should be created for every Release.  As noted earlier each Release should have a Release Work Item to represent it, and the User Stories that are included in that Release should be linked to the Release Work Item.

In general Release Test Plans contain 4 categories of Tests that will be represented by 4 Test Suites:

  • New Functionality - This represents re-running the new Test Cases that have been created for the new functionality included in this release.
  • Automated Tests - This is all the automated Test Cases available that will typically be included in each Release Test Plan.
  • Stabilization Tests - These are the broad Test Cases that are not tied to a specific User Story, and are intended to do some basic regression testing across a large data set.
  • Regression Tests - These are old Test Cases for pre-existing functionality that should not have changed during this Release.

  1. Create a new Test Plan and name it after the Release which it is for.  e.g. 2014.2.9 Release Plan
  2. Click New to add 4 new root-level Static Suites: Automated Tests, New Functionality, Regression Tests, Stabilization Tests
  3. Select the New Functionality suite and click Add Requirements.
  4. Run a query to find all User Stories linked to Active Releases (change Query Type to Work Items and Direct Links, then setup the criteria as shown in the screenshot below)
  5. Select some or all of the User Stories linked to the Release which we're testing.
  6. Click Add Requirements to Plan
  7. Select Automated Tests suite
  8. Click Add to add some Test Cases to this Suite.
  9. Run a query to find all Automated Test Cases (by querying all test cases with a non-blank Automated Test Name)
  10. Select some or all of the Tests and click Add Test Cases
  11. Select Stabilization Tests suite
  12. Click Add to add some Test Cases to this Suite
  13. Run a query to find all Stabilization Test Cases (by querying on the Area Path Under coresystems\Enterprise Test\Stabilization Testing)
  14. Select some or all of the Tests and click Add Test Cases
  15. Select Regression Tests suite
  16. Click Add to add some Test Cases to this Suite
  17. Following the guidance provided in the Testing Phases section run one or more queries and/or custom reports to identify good candidates for Regression Tests and add them to this Test Plan

Note: Once the Release has been deployed the Release Test Plan can be retired by setting the State of the Test Plan to Inactive